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World Recognized Speaker: Dr. David Oualaalou, PhD


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Dr. David Oualaalou, PhD

Dr. David Oualaalou is an International Business Speaker, Consultant and Global Security Analyst. He provides unfiltered, accurate, and timely information, insights and strategies to help industry leaders navigate today’s complex combination of geopolitical risks and opportunities.

David is an expert in global energy, economics, security and emerging  markets. Before starting his speaking and consulting career he worked for the U.S. Government in both the military and executive branches. His unique background and multilingual skills (Arabic/French) allows him to provide current and relevant insight on our world's greatest challenges and issues within critical economic and security space. His theoretic and practical real-world knowledge of how geopolitics, global security, energy issues, domestic and international business intersect is founded on his experience as a former international security analyst in Washington, D.C., his doctoral studies, and as a military veteran who worked in the field in 25 countries carrying out operations at the behest of U.S. policymakers. He is also the author of worldwide acclaim books on politically vital topics including his forthcoming/USG cleared book, Russia: Reshaping America and Remaking of Global Order.



Radio & TV News

David is typically interviewed by many radio news outlets every time something important happens in the Middle East, China or Russia. Book David for an interview and listen to some of his previous shows.

David Oualaalou Speaks on Diversity in t


Speaking & Show

Watch clips from some of David's speeches, as well as his hard hitting show, Geopolitics In Conflict.

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Hardcover & Kindle

David has written and published  three books, with a fourth being approved by the US Government. The latest, Beneath The Veil: The Fall of the House of Saud, has been read around the world and translated into 10 languages.

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