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Audiovisual Conference

David Oualaalou PhD,

Internationally Recognized Speaker, Consultant and Author

Sample of Selected Keynote Speech Topics:

  1. Global Markets Post US Dollar Era.

  2. Geopolitics of Energy: How Geopolitics influence your economic outlook.

  3. Future Economic Opportunity using Artificial Intelligence.

  4. The Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Your Business.

  5. The Upcoming China’s Global Initiative (OBOR) Impact on your Business.

  6. The Impact of Geopolitics on the Global Economy and Your Business.

As a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Dr. Oualaalou is a geopolitical consultant, global speaker, and international security analyst. His speaking topics include global affairs, energy (Oil & Gas) infrastructure, technologies and future trends, and capital investments.


His presentations are customized to specific clients that include investments entities, industries with energy focus, and emerging economies. Dr. Oualaalou delivers high value content and provide up-to-date accurate information so decision-makers can recognize unique opportunities and make the right decisions to avoid unnecessary risks.


Dr. Oualaalou speaks frequently at major business events around the world and is often interviewed by national and international media outlets. Along with his GPC team, he has been advising corporations and government organizations on the impact of geopolitical trends on business ventures while providing strategies to maximize profit and mitigate risks in global marketplace.


Dr. Oualaalou’s deep understanding of geopolitics, energy security, and global market trends is of great value to many of his clients who take advantages of the economic opportunities he provides domestically and globally thru his well-connect global network of contacts, while mitigating risks involved when operating in complex global markets.


As a military veteran who worked in the field with elite US military forces carrying out operations at the behest of U.S. policymakers, Dr. Oualaalou lived and worked in different parts of the world including Europe, the Middle East/North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Also, as a former international security analyst in Washington D.C., his real-world experiences allows him to provide unfiltered, accurate, and timely information, insights and strategies to his clients to maximize profit in today’s global competitive market.

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