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US Caught Spying on its ‘Great Allies’, Again!!!

What is one to make out of the recent revelations indicating that Denmark has assisted the United States in spying on high-ranking leaders and officials in Germany, Sweden, Norway and France? The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) had access to mobile messages, phone calls, and an Internet history that included searches and conversation services.

Interestingly, these revelations are nothing new or unprecedented. It is a well-established fact that the US, despite calling Europe a “Great Allies” while embracing the rhetoric of ‘Transatlantic Relations’ openly commits espionage on Europe and treats its leaders with suspicion.

Ironically, the US preached vociferously to Europeans against China’s Huawei, and argued, of course, that China and Russia are the real “espionage” threats. The question is: Will Europe remain subservient, as usual, to the US in light of these revelations? What will Europe do?

One thing is sure: While we may hear statements like, ‘enough is enough’ or, ‘We’ve had it with the Americans’, there is little reason to believe anything will change since Europe’s security depends significantly on the US.

Alas, in a world where US surveillance is intrusive and rampant, the US still remarkably gets away with accusing everyone else of “spying.” Talk about double standards!!!

David Oualaalou is a Geopolitical Consultant, Award Winning Educator, Veteran, Author, and former International Security analyst in Washington, D.C.

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