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The Future, if any, of Canada-China Relations

Step back and calmly contemplate the state of Canada-China relations. Does anyone see anything beyond the case of Meng Wanzhou and the detention of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig (known as the two Michaels)?

Would it be fair to state that Canada ended up being the casualty of the US-China trade tensions? And Meng's case has also contributed to the bitter dispute between Canada and China, in the wake of the ensuing Chinese detention of two Canadian nationals in Beijing over allegations of espionage.

At the heart of it is not Meng or the two Michaels, but rather Huawei company, one that paid the price for the ongoing trade tensions between the US and China, let alone that Huawei was the only Chinese tech company hit hard and banned from doing business with US firms over espionage and security concerns.

As we await the outcome of Meng’s faith, China’s rise on the global stage will bring with it significant challenges that will certainly have an impact on Canada, among other nations. For a country that is secure in its North American location and well-tended trans-Atlantic ties, it has yet to fully grasp the potentially profound implications of these changes for its nation, economy and yes, security.

I ask: Did the US acted morally right when targeting Meng? Did Canada act as an accomplice? Can China justify the arrests of the two Michaels?

One thing is sure: Huawei has moved on and looks like it turned its misfortune into fortune by becoming more innovative and prosperous.

David Oualaalou is a Geopolitical Consultant, Award Winning Educator, Veteran, Author, and former International Security analyst in Washington, D.C.

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