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The Aftermath of G7 & NATO Summits: Demonizing China!!

The G7 and NATO Summits just concluded recently with President Biden saying at the G7 conference that “the only way we will meet global threats, including ending the pandemic and combating climate change, is by working together”. I ask, why then all the trashing of Russia and China? That said, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what Mr. Biden may want in return for patching up the trans-Atlantic wounds of the previous administration’s era.

I argue that China is nothing short of a foreign policy fixation in Washington displayed at both G7 and NATO. The G7 summit in the UK convinced that the group recognizes that Beijing is part of a growing threat to global democracy. Similarly, NATO Secretary General warned that China "is coming closer to us" in military prowess.

Yet, it is the US foreign policy failures of late that led to China and Russia rapprochement. Hawks in Washington will not want to admit to it. The US foreign policy establishment is paralyzed to structure and come up with a cohesive foreign policy strategy.

It is the lack of debate, not empty rhetoric and trash talking about Russia or China within the Washington establishment that alarms me. Since the end of the Cold War (so we thought), the U.S. government has suffered from a precipitous decline in expertise, prestige, and talent.

With the changing global economy and continued global realignment of many countries, the question then becomes has the G7 and NATO outlived their usefulness? Are they representing more a relic of the past and not a model for the future? You decide!!!

David Oualaalou is a Geopolitical Consultant, Award Winning Educator, Veteran, Author, and former International Security analyst in Washington, D.C.

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