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Khashoggi’s Death Reveals the Dark Side of the Saudi Monarchy

Saudi Arabia faces a time of uncertainty. The life its rulers once enjoyed from the sale of oil is now threatened by newly emerging reserves from Iran and the United States. Saudi Arabia’s aged, ailing monarch has defied decades of custom by naming his son as next in line for the throne. Already, the future heir’s ill-conceived policies have brought trouble to the house of Al-Saud: proxy wars rage in the Middle East and foreshadow a confrontation with an increasingly powerful Iran.

Meanwhile, unrest grows at home. Discontented Saudi youth grow restless from high unemployment and a repressive society. The monarchy itself arrests members of its own family without cause while the religious establishment exerts its repressive influence over society.

Saudi Arabia finds itself weakening as the Middle East transforms. Within the pages of my forthcoming book, Beneath the Veil…, one glimpses a vision of the future: the inevitable demise of Saudi Arabia.

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