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Phil Barnett


Mr. Phil Barnett’s early exposure to business started back in the 1960s. A native of Lubbock, Texas, he started, along with his uncle, the Barnett, Brown and Downing Oil and Gas business. The company focused on oil drilling and achieved over 500 B/D initial production.  

Leveraging his technological savvy and marketing background, Mr. Barnett joined Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and helped launch its first internet division and subsequently the first “Interactive Agency” in the world—Chaos to Order (C2O). This experience paved the way for Mr. Barnett to launch the first Internet E-commerce company.

Mr. Barnett’s interests in oil business, however, never left him. He reentered the oil industry in 2006. Given his knowledge of the oil industry, Mr. Barnett, along with his partners, were successful in drilling, completing, and placing into production 31 consecutive wells in the Central Basin of Oklahoma. Yet, his oil drilling success was not limited to Texas only, but also extends to other states including Colorado and North Carolina.

Mr. Barnett is currently working on the most lucrative oil project to date. A particular field in West Texas is proving to produce multimillion-barrel wells from relatively inexpensive vertical wells requiring no fracturing or ‘fracking’.

Mr. Barnett has lectured at both MIT and The Thunderbird School of International Business. Marketing & Management have been the major academic disciplines of his formal education. 

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