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David Oualaalou, PhD

Founder & CEO

Dr. David Oualaalou is a geopolitical consultant, global speaker, award winning educator, author, and former international security analyst in Washington D.C. He has held many strategic positions of leadership and responsibilities in challenging environments. His leadership was tested and refined from field experiences with elite military forces in 25 countries, while conducting operations at the behest of U.S. policymakers.

His years of experience include foreign policy and intelligence analysis; security operations advisement; leadership and managerial operations; in-depth understanding of foreign affairs and political context of various countries; an history of successfully advising high-profile U.S. military and officials on foreign policy, political views, economic trends, and foreign military threat information.

While engaged in multi-disciplinary projects promoting U.S. government foreign policy initiatives, Dr. Oualaalou framed U.S. government policies and interests within the proper cultural, political, and multidisciplinary context of foreign countries while providing cultural, political, and religious awareness to US government officials.

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