Who We Are

It's important to know who you are working with. Here is a little bit about each of us, if you have questions, please ask by email.

Dr. David Oualaalou, PhD 

Dr. Oualaalou served a fifteen-year career in the United States Armed Forces under the command of Generals and in support of the US government’s security agencies in Washington and around the world. His primary roles included security policy and intelligence analysis; security operations advisement; leadership and managerial operations; and a history of successfully advising high-profile U.S. military and civilian officials on security issues, economic trends, and foreign military threat information. He also spent over 10 years in Washington DC working across different US agencies including the Pentagon, not only as an international security analyst, but also a language (French/Arabic) expert. He has published three books on politically vital topics to worldwide acclaim.


Dr. R. M. Stewart, PhD 

Dr. Stewart has worked with over 100 companies including: Southwest Airlines, Perot Systems, EDS, Interphase Corporation, and DART, just to name a few. Drawing on more than 3 decades of experience coaching C-level executives, building executive teams and identifying vulnerabilities, Dr. Stewart understands the damage done by broken communication and lack of trust between leadership and employees. Dr. Stewart holds a PhD in psychology and developed the dynamic Biodata System. It allows for rapid assessment of personality problems and pinpoints issues that contribute to security risks which are used internationally by companies and business professionals. Dr. Stewart spent a decade of his career interviewing and profiling military heros, mercenaries, and first responders who have faced some of the most dangerous situations and survived, often when others did not. He developed a system of teaching the same skills they used in every-day people to help survive threats.


Elizabeth Stewart 

Many of the threats and security risks start with employees overtly or covertly putting their company at risk. Elizabeth Stewart is a human assessment professional, certified in several modalities. She is able to detect deception, and holds preliminary certificates from the top deception training firm in the world. She has expertise in managing both large and small scale organizational projects. She specializes in helping leaders expand their emotional and nonverbal intelligence so that they are able to better connect, influence and assess the situation on hand. She understands the most effective way to read the emotions in any given situation as well as assess the credibility of people in high stakes scenarios. Her knowledge in the areas of emotional intelligence, nonverbal communication and lie detection is based on the practical application of scientific research.