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Global Politics and Business Perspective

Dr. David Oualaalou is the author of, The Dynamics of Russia’s Geopolitics: Remaking the Global Order (2021).

Russia faces monumental uncertainties from increased military and diplomatic challenges as its footprints in the Middle East region and other countries expand into a complicated and unpredictable geopolitical chess game with high stakes and losses. Western adversaries who thought that post-Cold War era Russia would become a functioning democracy have profoundly misjudged. My recent conversations with eastern European citizens underscore serious concerns about Russia’s aggressive foreign policy. 

Dr. David Oualaalou is the author of, Beneath the Veil: Fall of the House of Saud  (2018).

The wealth and power of the Saudi royal family declines as oil prices drop. Consequently, the Saudi royal family fights within itself as the venerable Saudi monarch's day of death draws near. All the while, Saudi Arabia undertakes shortsighted, costly ventures in the Middle East; a twisted religious ideology lies at the heart of its misadventures. I write this book with the absolute conviction that Saudi Arabia has been using its oil wealth and its interpretation of the Wahhabist ideology to gain an advantage. Will the desert kingdom be able to continue as it has, or must it change its course given the shifting sands of the Middle East? Beneath the Veil: Fall of the House of Saud addresses these and other relevant questions.

Dr. Oualaalou is also the author of Volatile State: Iran in the Nuclear Age (2018).

​In an age of nuclear experimentation, military conflicts, and ISIS, the Middle East is unstable, and the Iranian nuclear deal is shrouded in controversy and mistrust. How will this agreement impact US relations and strengths, not only in the region, but around the world? Will the US be challenged for world leadership?


Dr. Oualaalou:

"Let me share a snippet of my background foundation that influenced me as a writer who
specializes on global geopolitics and international business radiating to and from the Middle
East. While on active duty with the US Armed Forces, I worked in the Middle East with elite
military forces for over a decade carrying out operations of US policymakers.

I write editorials and feature articles. Topics include geopolitics, international business trends, global affairs, and energy issues. Those writings have appeared in many newspapers and online journals. Publishers include The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, MSN, the European Atlantic Council, Middle East & North Africa Forum, and the South China Morning Post (SCMP) in Hong Kong, among others. Some of my articles have been translated into more than ten languages including Arabic, German, French, Farsi, Russian, and Chinese".

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