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Ania Stewart

Partner & COO

Ania has many years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and business owner. Her background is in strategic leadership, organizational development, management, and operational processes. Ania’s in-depth understanding of the entrepreneurship and business setting provides a wider perspective in implementing GPC’s long-term vision: Becoming the leading consultancy on Geopolitics and socioeconomic matters.

In her capacity as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ania is an integral part of the organization’s leadership, and given her past professional and leadership experiences, Ania plays a greater role in creating GPS’s organizational structure, allocating resources, and ensuring financial strength and GPC’s operating efficiency.

Some of Ania’s prior leadership positions include ownership of multiple health clinics. Ania was also a strong advocates for embracing women in the business world. Her passion for helping women succeed in personal and business lives led Ania to the development of the program dedicated to supporting and empowering women. Ania earned a degree in Political Science and Business Administration.

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