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We provide strategic consulting, intelligence, and geopolitical assessment services,

primarily in the field of energy infrastructure.  Among our areas of expertise are renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass resources.

We supply the information you need to pursue economic stability and progress.

Our clients range from energy companies to investment firms, and governments to security industries.
Our team combines theoretical knowledge with on-the-ground experience and cultural awareness,

as well as a network of exclusive contacts, and a history of successful efforts for both
private sector and government entities, nationally and in more than 100 countries around the world.

Company  Mission


Global Perspective Consulting (GPC) is the globally recognized resource with an established legacy of strong foundational knowledge and wisdom on geopolitical, socioeconomic, and industrial development infrastructure based upon integrity, and commitment to excellence while delivering high-impact, sustainable solutions that improve and enhanced the quality of life for nations, territories, geopolitical regions and the greater community-at-large.”


Company Profile

Past & Present Key Projects

Fuel Ethanol (Dominican Republic, St Lucia, Texas): Installed 6 terminals in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado for bulk alcohol sales; Imported 10MGY of ethanol into US through Caribbean Basin drying facilities under ‘substantial transformation’ clause; Completed remodeling plans for Muleshoe, Texas operation; Assessed potential of building 10MGY facility in St. Lucia using bananas as feedstock; Received patent for process to produce fuel ethanol from
CAFO wastes; Assessed production of ethanol and co-generation from urban wastes in Dominican Republic.

(Energy, Infrastructure Development)

Middle East: Engaged in multi-disciplinary projects promoting U.S. government foreign policy initiatives; framed U.S. government policies and interests within the proper cultural and political context of countries engaged while providing cultural, political, and religious awareness to US government officials during negotiations with officials from
countries in the Middle East.


Africa/Latin America: Coordinated economic/intelligence analyses efforts with U.S. law enforcement agencies including the FBI.

(Energy, Infrastructure Development)

Wind Project (Kurdistan, Iraq): Examining feasibility of wind project for Kurdish refugee camps near Duhok, Iraq.

(Energy, Infrastructure Development)

Applications for solar energy (Texas) : Co designed demonstration solar house near Columbus, Texas; Designed and constructed solar field for 2MGY ethanol facility in Waco, Texas; Co designed demonstration solar house near Columbus, Texas.

(Infrastructure Development)

Earthquake disaster response teams and mitigation (Turkey): Team specialist for quick response reconnaissance and assessment of 8 Turkey earthquake disasters.

(Infrastructure Development)

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