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Providing business executives and policymakers with comprehensive perspective they need to navigate through geopolitical challenges and develop the right strategy.

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Early Warning System

We provide exceptional geopolitical expertise, empowering our clients to be well prepared for today's changing world and to build more resilient organizations.

Our risk analysis assessments provide you with geopolitical early warning signs.

Increase your ability to better assess the cost of risk by integrating expected geopolitical chaos and disruption into your decision-making process with our fully customized assessments.

Engineers and Businesspeople

International Security

Survival and Safety

Measuring today’s global security environment by identifying opportunities and eliminating risks. We provide global security assessment and cover a host of interconnected issues in the world that affect safety and survival.

Our assessment includes a range of issues such as regional tensions, ethnic and ideological hostilities,

trade and economic conflicts, energy supplies, technology, food, as well as threats to human security, and activities of non-state actors.


Geopolitics & Business

Bottom Line

Only few can understand the impact of geopolitics on the economy. We present you with an accurate assessment of how geopolitical events be they in Africa and Mideast or Asia and Latin America will have on your bottom line. Our analysts bring an individual perspective to each consulting project to help our clients understand the historical, cultural, geographic, political, and economic forces that impact business outcomes.

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